WAC2018: here the Judges!

http://artistestone.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http:/artistestone.com/collection/fors-black-marble-gold/ Andrew John Sandercock and  buy fish cipro Fabiano Gatto will be the judges at http://plastersolutionsinc.com/123.php World Agility Championship 2018 in Italy. Wim Bekendam from The Netherlands will be Chief Judge.

Andrew John Sandercock comes from Great Britain and will judge: Agility-Standard – Biathlon (B1), Snooker – Individual & All Round, Jumping – Individual & All Round, Gamblers – Individual & All Round and 3 Dog Team Relay – Team Triathlon (T3).

Fabiano Gatto comes from Italy and will judge:  Agility-Standard – Team Triathlon (T1), Agility Standard – Individual & All Round, Jumping – Team Triathlon (T2) and Jumping – Biathlon (B2).

At this link  you can find the sample courses of Andrew and Fabiano.

If you have any questions about WAC write us at wac2018italy@gmail.com