Summer Combined

Kind of sport “Summer combined competitions” was born in 1967 in Leningrad (now St-Petersburg). Author of the conception of this kind is Maya Mashkova – trainer of the Leningrad club of working dogs. When she worked on the first edition of rules, she set herself a target to unite work of a dog and physical training of a handler. Summer combined competitions became a kind of dog sport where a sportsman directs a dog on obstacles on high speed in process of running and it occurred earlier on 10 years than agility arose!

Summer combined competitions are wonderful sport and show. It includes following exercises:

  1. Sprint 100m. At first a dog and a sportsman run sprint 100 meters. A dog must run near a sportsman. If a dog go away from a sportsman more than 3 meters he/she receives penalties. If distance grows more than 15 meters between them, they are disqualified. A sportsman, who has time and penalties least of all is the best sportsman in this exercise.
  2. Course with obstacles. Then a sportsman and a dog run course with obstacles (300m). There are placed following obstacles on course: athletic barrier, wall(1,8m), stairs (height 3m), area of grenade throwing, zone of crawling (10m), beam and trench (two platforms with gap 1,5m between each other).  A dog and a sportsman (!) perform obstacles in process of running. A sportsman run, jumps and crawls and also throws three sport grenades in target. A sportsman, who has time and penalties least of all is the best sportsman in this exercise.
  3. Shooting and catching of a “criminal”. Then a sportsmen shoots of air rifle and has to hit five shooting marks (a dog is near him/her in any position: “to sit”, “to lie” or “to stand”). After shooting a sportsman turns around and directs a dog to catch a “criminal”, who is situated on a distance 60m. A dog has to attack a “criminal” and bite him 15 seconds.

Summer combined competitions are extreme kind of sports for real athletes. This kind demands endurance, courage and athletic training of a sportsman and work of a dog on a high level.

The first European Championship on Summer Combined Competitions was held in 2001 in Moscow (Russia). Two years later the 2nd European Championship will be held in Minsk (Byelorussia). We are sure this kind of dog sport will be raised on the world level in nearest future. USDAA plans to introduce summer combined competitions in the United States in November 2003. So this kind will be already developed on two continents of the Earth.


Summer combined competition includes four exercises:
1. Sprint (100m)
2. Track with obstacles (300 m; on the track are situated: hurdle, high barrier, stairs, zones of grenade-throwing and crawling, trench, beam)
3. Shooting an air rifle (distance – 10m, five targets)
4. Catching a “criminal” by a dog (this exercise should be performed together with the previous)

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